San Francisco man convicted of killing Skyline student



A verdict of voluntary manslaughter has been handed down against Sarith Soun, the man responsible for the death of Boris Albinder in September 2006.

Albinder, a Skyline student, was killed by Soun in San Francisco just after midnight when an argument over a parking space turned into a heated fight.

Igor Litvak, Albinder’s friend, had been attempting to reserve a parking spot for Albinder when a van pulled up and the driver demanded he move so they could park. Litvak refused, and a fight broke out. When Albinder arrived, he joined the fight to attempt to help his friend, at which point he was fatally stabbed by Soun.

Jesus Hills, who had known Albinder since first grade, knew him as a good and loyal friend. “He was a great person to hang out with, always had a sense of humor about things.”

Hills is a former Skyline student, as well as a former Editor-in-Chief of The Skyline View.

“He would always have your back if you needed it,” Hills said, “and I think that was evident given the circumstances in which he was murdered.”

Erica Derryck, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s office, was able to confirm the voluntary manslaughter conviction against Soun, although court proceedings are still underway. She was not able to comment on what charges might be left for the jury to debate.

Hills was upset that the charges were reduced, saying that it didn’t make sense that the killing could be construed as voluntary manslaughter.

“I don’t understand how that guy did not get convicted of second degree murder,” Hills said. “…in order for it to be voluntary manslaughter the person has to be provoked in such a way that even a sane, reasonable person would be moved to kill. I have never heard of a sane, reasonable person killing someone over a parking spot.”

Additionally, Derryck was able to confirm that Pounloeu Chea, the driver of the van, had been acquitted of being an accessory to murder but was convicted of a misdemeanor assault for running into Litvak with the van he was attempting to park.

At the time of this writing, neither the defense attorneys for Soun or Chea nor the prosecuting lawyer could be reached for comment. It is unknown if either of the men convicted will be filing for appeal.