Monta Ellis makes incredible comeback

 (Mitchell Martin)

(Mitchell Martin)

“I want to blow the roof off”, said Monta Ellis in an interview by Bob Fitzgerald before his dazzling return to the hardwood Friday night. After sustaining an ankle injury in August 2008, many Warriors fans were crushed in finding out the news. He had missed the first 43 games of the season. Much hyped and long awaited, Ellis returned to face superstar Lebron James and the top seed Cavaliers (34 – 8).

Monta had his work cut out for him, returning against the dangerously defensive Cavs. Many wondered if Ellis would be able to return playing the quality game he played before his ankle injury. Well all you wonderers be at ease because Ellis is back like he hasn’t missed a beat, strutting his superior skills with his first three baskets: a fade away, a finger roll, and a floater.

Not only did Ellis play like he did last season, but he helped bring back the style of play from last season. The Warriors tried to push the ball up court much more than they have been doing this season, totaling 23 fast break points on the night. But there is a question that still lingers. Will Ellis’ speed and finesse be able to raise the Warriors to the top of the ranks?

Though it is still possible for the Warriors to make the playoffs this season, it will be a long uphill battle. Many minor injuries are preventing the Warriors from being at full strength. Currently Brandan Wright, Marco Belineli, and Jamal Crawford are on the injured reserve list. Many fans are anxious to see a Crawford/Ellis backcourt in action when Crawford returns from his hamstring injury.

With the run-and-gun style of play in effect, the Warriors showed that they can break the defense of the best defensive team, Scoring a whopping 15 more points than the Cavs allow on average per game. Great as that seems, the Warriors still have one fundamental problem; their lackluster defense.

What effect will Ellis have in helping the Warriors defense? Unfortunately, it seems he won’t help their defense very much. Although he may get a few steals or interceptions per game, for now Ellis is strictly an offensive force of nature.

Granted our Bay Area basketball team most likely won’t make the post-season, you can count on them putting on a spectacular show every single game. During their uphill battle this year just remember that Monta Ellis and the Golden State Warriors are still a very young team with much promise.