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SONG: I Walk the LineARTIST: Johnny Cash

My favorite song is I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash. I really like the lyrics, and that is the main reason for it being my favorite. But I also like the steady, beating guitar playing behind the words. The song as a whole just strikes me as being the truth. My favorite singer is Johnny Cash, who I started listening to after I heard the song Ring of Fire. I listen to and enjoy many of his songs, but I Walk the Line stands out clearly from all of the rest.

~Kenny Martin

TITLE: Every Day is Exactly the SameARTIST: Nine Inch Nails

This very dreary song is about exactly what the title says, living your life in such a boring, repetitive manner that It just blurs into one continuous day that leads you down a road to nowhere fast. Strange enough that even if this song is pretty depressing its fun to listen to on a rainy day or what-not.

~Jay Johnson