The View From Here



I think I know what Nick Donofrio ment when he bagan his first “View From Here” of last semester with “man, this is brutal.”

Man, this is brutal. We’ve had a huge push towards getting new content online since the semester started, both to let you guys know that (like that picture says) we’re back and to not let ourselves slip into a pattern of not doing anything.

Of course, in the rush to just get new content up online, we almost let ourselves forget that the regular schedule has to start up, and is going to keep moving like clockwork, ready or not. And, thanks to that, we had something like a two-day turnaround until we had to come up with enough content for a bona fide online edition. Thankfully, the staff seemed to be willing to rise to the challenge, and we’ve already got about three times as much content as normally goes online.

We’ve got a lot of new staffers, which gets me excited because it opens up the possibility to make some real changes in the way The Skyline View functions. Less people used to “the old way” means less resistance when you push for a radical change. And so when I stare down a huge crowd of faces and tell them that we’re shortening our production cycle, I see significantly less of those faces filled with abject terror.

What I’d like to see happen is much, much more emphasis on our online edition. Our website has seemed like almost and afterthought to the actual newspaper, and that needs to stop. So, instead of two-week production cycles focused on the newspaper, I’m going to attempt to switch to one-week cycles – one focused on the print edition, then one focused on the online edition, and back and forth. It’ll take a lot of extra work, but it’s worth it to stop treating the online content like a sideshow, and I’m determined to keep it that way until the end of the semester.

Or until we all drop dead of nervous exhaustion. You know, whichever.