Fall Student Art Show

The Fall Student Art Show was created by Skyline Professor of Art and Photography Arthur Takayama, in the year 2000. Students submitted art in the forms of photography, ceramics, and sculpture. Most of the works of art displayed are photographs in different sized frames.

“It was about eight years ago,” Takayama says of the formation of the art show. He chooses student artwork based on the creativity of the art form. There is no specific theme to showcase the art for the show, “we just make up one and hope people follow it, but they don’t. We try to use catch-phrases, but they’re very general, nothing specific.”

This year’s show turned out very well as he expected but there was one problem.

“I would have liked more student participation, that’s my only disappointment,” Takayama says. “I got less work this year than any other year.”

The art show takes place every November and usually lasts for three weeks but after eight years, Takayama and new gallery director Paul Bridenbaugh, also a Professor of Art at Skyline, are discussing whether or not there will be any more shows.

“We’re negotiating,” says Takayama. “We might not have too many of these Fall shows, but certainly the Spring shows will continue.”

The reception for the show was on Nov. 19, which was hosted by the Skyline Photo Club and was sponsored by the Associated Students of Skyline College.

“The ASSC contributed $400, and the photo club put up a matching fund,” Takayama said. 100-200 people were expected to arrive at the catered event.

There will be a ceramics sale held the week as soon as the art show ends on Nov. 26, which will then be followed by a ceramics show