Google comes to Skyline



Skyline College is launching a new e-mail project in partnership with Google in order to provide students an easy way to get information from teachers and announcements from the school.

The e-mail accounts will provide a way for faculty to communicate in an effective way with students. According to Eric Raznick, the director of information technology services for SMCCD, the new e-mail accounts will alleviate the amount of messages lost in translation and allow for more valuable teaching time in class.

“Departments like ‘Admissions and Records’ and ‘Financial Aid’ can send important messages to all students,” Raznick said. “The e-mail system will assist students on a waitlist with getting the notifications that a seat is now open.”

With the use of a new district wide e-mail system, faculty and students will no longer have to deal with wrong e-mail addresses, full mailboxes and the possibility of having their messages spammed.

According to Shelly Hausman, public information officer at Skyline College, students will be receiving e-mails to their current account about their new e-mail powered by Google on Oct. 20.

“Students will receive emails telling them how to log in,” Hausman said. “Students will also be seeing posters, signage and other publicity around campus letting them know about this exciting new system.”

During the summer, Loretta Adrian and Phyllis Lucas Woods formed a committee to explore an e-mail system similar to the one that is now in place.

They reached a decision to use the Google Apps because it offers an outstanding email service. According to Raznick, each account comes with over 6.5 GB of storage and an assortment of other web based tools.

After Oct. 20, will be a place where students can:• Add to class waitlists• Make registration appointments• Correspond with financial aid• Get WebSMART receipts• Communicate with your instructors and classmates

Raznick believes that some students will have trouble with the new e-mail system.

“It will take some time to get used to the new process, and for some people the learning curve will be harder,” Raznick said.

Greg Wilson, 20, a full-time student at Skyline, has been an avid Gmail user for the past nine months.”I think the district-wide use of Gmail is spectacular,” Wilson said. “My use with Gmail has been flawless and I’ve had no problems with it.”

Wilson believes that e-mail is a really valuable tool and that it is beneficial to people to learn how to use it.

In order for students to access their new accounts, they just need to log on once. Students have the option to forward e-mails from their new account to their current account, if they choose to.

Skyline will send a message to your current account telling you how to log in within the next few weeks.