Skyline volleyball hosts Skyline Classic



The Skyline College volleyball team hosted the Skyline Classic tournament on Saturday, Sept. 6.

The participating teams included City College of San Francisco, Skagit Valley College, College of the Siskiyous, and Skyline College. The tournament began at noon with the first match between CCSF and Skagit Valley College.

During the first match, Skyline and College of the Siskiyous warmed up on the opposite court. Skyline took their time to prepare and relax themselves for their match against Skagit Valley. Some of the lady Trojans started warming up with various exercises while others were watching the match between CCSF and Skagit Valley.

College of the Siskiyous had very different styles and techniques then Skyline did, however both seemed very effective. As the first match ended, all the teams got a 30 minute break for resting or warming up.

The match between CCSF and College of the Siskiyous began at the same time as the match between Skyline and Skagit Valley.

Skagit Valley practically ran away with the lead almost immediately into the first set. Skyline, not ready to give up, began making a comeback. Even though very close behind, Skyline wasn’t able to pull out a victory in the first set. The final score of the first set was 25-21.

As the second set began, Skyline started off well. The game was tied at 5-5. But things started to heat up as Skagit Valley broke the tie and took the lead, but Skyline followed closely behind.

With a great amount of support behind the lady Trojans, parents and students gathered to cheer on the players.

Skyline took control by catching up again with a score of 17-17. Sophomore player, Serena Bockelman had three good serves which helped the Trojans take the lead, 18-17. However, Skyline wasn’t successful in keeping that lead for long as the second set ended Skagit Valley 25 and Skyline 22. The end of third set was 25-15.

Therefore, Skyline lost to Skagit Valley three games to none. Skyline wasn’t successful against the College of the Siskiyous either. Losing three games to none as well, scores included the first set, 25-12, second set, 25-20 and the third set was 25-12.

Even though Skyline wasn’t victorious in the Skyline Classic, there is no doubt they will practice hard and be successful in upcoming games.