Stuff to do at Skyline

Students who have time to fill between classes may often find themselves in a lull, caught with little work and nothing to do. This is more common with students straight out of high school, who schedule themselves large gaps in classes without considering how to fill them. The first couple of weeks can be especially hard to fill, as homework assignments can be few and far between before classes start moving full tilt.

But there are many things to do at Skyline, if you know where to look. The campus has many facilities designed to help students – or help them kill time – that any student can use for free. In addition to that, there are many spots around campus where someone can hang out with their friends, grab a bite to eat, or just plain chill.

For many students looking to get some work done on their time off, the library is the first choice.

“We have a very friendly staff,” said Tammy Sales, a Student Assistant Librarian at the library. “We’re actually part of the Peninsula Library System, which a lot of people don’t realize.”

This means that the Skyline Library is part of a much larger library system, and a book checked out from the campus library can be returned to any library that is also part of this system. In addition to the regular books and large selection of reference material that can be used, there are computer stations that can be used for class work and, to a more limited extent, personal use. Anyone with an hour to fill between classes can enter their library card number and use the internet for just about whatever they want for an hour.

The same building that houses the library also has the Learning Center, right on the first floor. Most students go there for the tutoring, where they can get help with homework or a lesson or concept they’re struggling with. Most of the tutoring is focused around English and Math classes.

“We have subject tutoring available,” Ira Lau, the Learning Center Computer Lab Instructional Aide said, indicating a large corkboard with listings posted on it. “But it depends on who we have available.”

But even if tutoring for a specific subject is unavailable, there is still plenty to do. There are computers available that can be used for course work for students who need to outline a paper or write an essay, and there is a large list of workshops posed right in the entrance. Teachers can also arrange for material to be available at the Media Center, where students can use DVDs, CDs, and other media for research or assignments.

On a less academic side of things, the cafeteria is a great place to hang out with friends, grab some coffee or just a bite to eat. The large tables are a great place to chill with friends, or spread out if you happen to need space. Sporadic power outlets provide a place for people with laptops to plug in, and free wireless internet is available to anyone who can connect. In addition, the Pacific Café has a wide selection of fresh and pre-packaged food, as well as snacks for students looking for a quick bite in between classes.

“It’s good in the morning in case I don’t have anything to eat,” Saul Garcia, a second-semester student said. “It’s expensive, but if you get the right thing it’s worth it.”

And for many students on long schedules, mornings wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of caffeine. Those looking for an extra boost in the mornings can go to the campus coffee shop, El Capitan Espresso. They brew Starbucks coffee, and have couches and a gas fireplace nearby that provide a cozy place for anyone to relax.

To students coming to Skyline for the very first time, it can easily seem that there is very little to do on campus, and most people are stuck being bored on their breaks. But between the library, learning center, cafeteria, café and coffee shop, any student should be able to find enough things to do to fill that stray hour between classes.