Coats for Comedy postponed

As students walked on campus last Monday the first thing that caught their attention were posters saying that Coats for Comedy had been postponed.

This event was scheduled to take place last week without a hitch. Many students might be wondering what caused the sudden postponement of the event. Amory Cariadus, the Associated Students advisor, said that it was due to lagging ticket sales.

“We want to try to sell at least 500 tickets before the event takes place,” Vice President of the ASSC, Wendy Smith added.

Anyone who was planning on attending this event will have to wait another month. Coats for Comedy is now scheduled to take place on April 2nd at 6:30 p.m. in Skyline’s main theatre.

Coats for Comedy is a comedy show presented by the ASSC for students to have an evening full of entertainment and laughs. Every person who attends the event is asked to bring a coat that will then be donated to the charity named One Warm Coat.

“One Warm Coat is an organization that collects coats and gives them to the people who are in need in the cold winters,” said Raydan Al-hubaishi, the commissioner of activities.

Three professional comedians from the TV show Comedy Central will be there to help you laugh the night away. Charter Talents, a booking agency, is kind enough to be sending Skyline College Dean Austin, Ace Rodriguez, and Jimmy Turner for the night’s event.

Coats for Comedy is an event put on for the community and Skyline students. According to Al-hubaishi, students are encouraged to attend since they are a part of this community and the event is solely put on for their entertainment.

“The organizers customize the project to meet their own local needs and that’s what we ‘re trying to do for our community,” Al-hubaishi said.

Tickets will still be priced as they were before: $10 in advance with a coat & student I.D. card$15 with a coat OR student I.D. card $25 at the door

If you are interested in getting a ticket to this event, there will be tables in the quad three times a week. Smith hopes that this will help the ASSC meet their goal of selling 500 tickets.

“We need to get everyone involved to make this event a success,” Al-hubaishi said.

All students are highly encouraged to attend Coats for Comedy. According to the ASSC, students are treated to a night full of laughs while helping the less fortunate.

If you have any questions about information on the event please contact the ASSC at (650) 738-4327.