Associated Students discuss campus activity

At this week’s ASSC meeting several items were brought up for discussion. It looks as though ASSC will have a busy few weeks coming up.

The first item discussed was a possible Asian Food Festival in the coming months. There would be three different types of food – Chinese, Thai and possibly Japanese. All of the proceeds would go to the charity Save the Children.

Students should be prepared for the upcoming tuition hike, which should start next semester. In order to help the student body continue to take classes, ASSC is looking into donating their leftover money to help buy books. As of now, it looks like they will donate half the money to the library to borrow books and half to the book rental program.

Everyone deserves a little bit of recognition sometimes. There is talk about starting a new teacher appreciation award. The proposal for this action item went as follows: a teacher hasn’t upgraded to the latest edition of their textbook within three years and the said teacher is exceptional at what they do. It looks as though the winner would be entitled to a dinner for two valued at $ 150, a plaque and a $ 1500 grant for their classroom.

Some upcoming events to be aware of: April 9th will be the Filipino desert festival May 1st and 3rd is the Filipino culture night Running club meets every Saturday at nine in the morning

There was an issue with DSPS and the confidentiality with how they deal with their forms. From now on the forms will be sent out either electronically or by mail. This ensures the privacy of the students.

Skyline will now join the many colleges that participate in college hour. Every week an hour will be taken off from class in order to have clubs and people involved in extracurricular activities meet. It is important to know that class will not be cancelled, the class would just be pushed back an hour.

ASSC is going to be doing a website redesign in order to make the site more user friendly. They are asking for volunteers to help with this site change.

Since the old marquee is falling apart, ASSC has taken it upon them to put money towards buying a new one. The new marquee will be located inside the cafeteria.

Finally, ASSC has decided to sell tickets to Coats for Comedy in the quad and the cafeteria for the upcoming April 2nd show.Tickets will be priced as follows:$10 in advance with a coat & student I.D. card