SC Trojans stomp on SC Knights

Taylor Heon, #8, smacks the ball into far left field advancing Will Klein to score. (Natalie Christine)

Taylor Heon, #8, smacks the ball into far left field advancing Will Klein to score. (Natalie Christine)

The Skyline Baseball team made a statement as they stepped onto the field defeating Shasta College in a Pre-Conference game on Feb. 17.

The game had started off as a blow-out. Shasta hadn’t brought any runs in until the top of the 3rd. Overall, Skyline had 15 hits during the game. Four of which were hit by Jeff Ramirez, who fell shy of a homerun to complete the cycle. The starting pitcher for the game was Nik Jerado, who picked up the win.

Many dedicated parents and fans showed up on the foggy day. Some parents were even up against the fence chatting with the Head Coach, Dino Nomicos before and during the game giving their insight.

Dan McCarthy started up the 3 inning with a hit between the first baseman’s legs, with the error McCarthy advanced to first. The pitcher balked leading McCarthy to 2. After the 2 balk from the Shasta pitcher, they decided to switch things up and change their pitcher. The pitcher change was thought to help them out, but Shasta was looking worse than before.

Joe Nisco hit a deep ball into right field and McCarthy tagged 3. Ramirez buried the ball into the gap of right and center field giving him a triple and an RBI. Jake Walter couldn’t bring Ramirez in as he grounds out for the 3 out of inning.

In the bottom of the 4, Rashad Taylor hit a double into left field bringing Will Klein in for an RBI. Klein and Ramirez played a solid defense working well together on the left side of the infield. The entire team made minimal errors in the game. The same could not be said for Shasta; their pitchers had over three balks and had many wild pick-off throws.

The first base coach for Shasta got in a heated argument with the umpire in the top of the 5th inning about the previous call. Luckily the argument ended and no one else got involved.

“Stop instigating,” the umpire said, “anything else and your gone.”

In the Bottom of the 5. McCarthy was on base and Ramirez hit a double off the wall. Jake Walter got a ground out, but he allowed enough time for McCarthy to score. Will Klein was up, hit the ball, and it looked as if it be a routine out but he speed to 1st before the 3rd baseman could throw the ball in and Klein received an RBI.

“I’m just trying to prove myself to my teammates because I’m only a freshman”, Klein said.

At the top of the 6, Skyline switched pitchers to Jason Dias. As soon as the pitcher was switched it looked as if Shasta was getting back into the game, Dias let in 2 runs. After Dias hit two players for walks, another pitcher change took place, Jeff Clegg for Dias to pitch.

At the bottom of the 6. the score was Skyline 9, Shasta 4. Ramirez hit a shot between the 3 baseman and the shortstop giving him a secure single. Ramirez had stolen 2 on an accurate call from Nomicos. Klein hits a two run double to center. In the bottom of the 7, Skyline brought in 2 more runs making their lead even larger, they also made another pitcher change to Brant Norlander. The final score of the game was Skyline 12, Shasta 4. The winning continued onto the next game on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 19. They beat Cosumnes River College, 6-5.

“It was my first start in pre-season and it was a good win”, said Sergio Contreras, starting pitcher in the Cosumnes River game.

In the last three games the Trojans have pulled out 3 victories. On Feb. 16th, Skyline beat Feather River College, 10-9 in the 10 inning. Will Klein had started off the inning with a double. Travis Gonzaga had the winning hit with 2 outs. Both Parque and Nisco hit homeruns during the game. Sergio Contreras came in the 7 inning and pitched until the 10 this being his first win of the season.

Klein said, “The team is excited. We have a lot of fun together and I think we have a chance to pull together a winning season.”