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You may not have known it, but there’s a suggestion box available for Skyline students. That’s right, all those complaints and ideas you’ve been stewing up in your mind can actually be voiced, online that is. And it’s not just for us students; anyone from faculty to administrators to members of the Board of Trustees can utilize what the campus calls “E-Suggest,” an online suggestion box which hopes to improve campus conditions.

A link to E-suggest can be found right smack dab in the middle of the Skyline website, if you haven’t seen it already. Skyline Shines puts out reminders for those who missed it on the website, and for those who have missed it on both the website and Skyline Shines, now you know.

We know, you might be a little skeptical about the usefulness of an online suggestion box. But actually, the campus has seen quite a bit of feedback. It’s not like hundreds and hundreds of suggestions are pouring in, but about 40 suggestions were made last semester about signage, smoking sections, facilities, and other areas where Skyline students, faculty, and the like saw room for improvement. Admittedly, we here at the Skyline View were skeptical as well, but after learning more about it and finding out there were actually a good number of comments submitted, we’re beginning to see the light.

So you may have complaints about the price of food in the cafeteria, or you might have a bone to pick about the disregard for the designated smoking sections, or maybe you’re an egotist who feels like you could single-handedly run the school. Whoever you are and whatever ideas you have, you can go right ahead and submit your comments online. They’re more than welcome.