Cosmetology students win 2, 3, 4

Skyline cosmetology student, Michelle Zherg models her evening look at the competition. ()

Skyline cosmetology student, Michelle Zherg models her evening look at the competition. ()

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Skyline Cosmetology students were competed in the Hand to Hand Marketing Beauty and Barber Trade Show, which was hosted by Dr. Annette Shelton. The show was held at the Oakland Convention Center on Sunday Feb. 17 and Monday Feb. 18.

Three teams competed in the evening look competition, and one senior participated in the Clipper Cuts competition.

Each team consisted of four students, one doing hair, nails, make-up, and the fourth being the model. Team one was Anjelica Rivas, Candace Lacey, Vika Leo, and Linda Tran. Team two was Rachel Romero, Kelly Moreno, Angela Ruiz-Qare, and Kristina Kahm; and team three was Izabela Szczuka-Wu, Jennifer Acierto, Tammy Tran, and Michelle Zherg. Jason Brown was the sole Skyline student who participated in the Clipper Cuts competition.Brown placed third in the competition, and all of the teams for the evening look placed as well. Team number one placed third, team number two placed fourth, and team number three placed second.

“I was very excited, not nervous, excited,” said Lacey. “This is my first competition, I was supposed to do one last month, but it was canceled.”

Skyline Professors in attendance were pleased with the results that the students had when the judging was being done, and said that they were nervous, but excited because this was the compilation of weeks of hard work and planning.

“They all worked very hard, they all did very well, and they all went by the rules and the regulations, which is really important to me,” Laurie Biagi, Cosmetology instructor said.

“The cool thing is that we have night students competing along with day students,” Biagi said.Even though most of the students were competing for the first time, they were more excited than nervous, and just ready to show off what they had been working on for the past few weeks.

“We tried to stay calm through the whole thing, because if you get over excited and nervous, everything that can go wrong will go wrong,” Moreno said.

There was much preparation put into the looks that were created, because everything had to go together. Most of the teams created their look around a theme, and after finding a dress and shoes to go with it, hair and make-up were decided.

Along with the actual competition that was held, there was a hair show, and it included the artifacts from the museum 400 Years Without A Comb. It was brought by Dr. Willie Morrow, who is the best at what he does, and has created his own organic line of hair products. The museum was a tribute to Black History month, and was definitely a highlight.

“Having all of these students come over here and see t his museum is our contribution to Black History Month,” Josie Glenn, assistant professor and coordinator for the cosmetology department.Dr. Shelton said that she was glad that people were at the event, and there was a time where the tickets were not pre-sold because no one was attending, and now most of the tickets have to be sold in advance.

Dr. Shelton was glad that the event is becoming more and more popular, because people can come in and see the displays, such as the 400 Years Without A Comb museum, and it will change the way that they view the industry.

“I competed in a few competitions when I was in school, but I don’t remember what I placed,” Dr. Shelton said. “Seeing the students come out here today is worth it, because they are here to learn, and to become the best at what they do.”