Dear Dr. G

This is Dr. G saying welcome to another installment of Dear Dr. G. As many of you have noticed the article name has been changed to “Dear Dr. G” instead of The “G” Spot, mostly because of taste issues. I had a few questions emailed to me this week and encourage more to come. Today I have two emails. One is from a man who needs help on when to kiss a girl and another is from a man who is dating his friend’s sister.

Q: Okay, yesterday I found out from one of my exes that the reason we broke up is because she thought I was too timid. She said that she wanted me to kiss her at the end of the first date. I kissed her on the third. I thought I was being a gentleman but apparently I was being be a p***y. So when should I kiss a girl? How can I tell?

Sincerely, Jacob A: Dear Jacob,

Well I’m sorry to say there are no manuals with step by step instructions on how and when to kiss a girl. But there is a helpful guide though. First you must realize that all women are different and you must cater to each woman’s personality and preferences individually. If a girl likes you and is into you, she most definitely wants to be kissed, but where most of the confusion takes place is the non recognizing of signals that express this affection. Although most women have their own individual tells, numerous women share common age old additives. For example, she might keep her stare a little longer, possibly twirling and playing with her hair, perhaps leaning in a little closer than normal, and if she’s lingering in your car at the end of the date looking up at you and saying awkward things, all of those are all definite signs of interest. Another thing you can do to see if she’s comfortable enough to kiss you is to trying holding her hand or putting your arm around her and seeing if she precipitates by squeezing you tight or by leaning into you. If she doesn’t mind physically touching and holding you then she is probably comfortable enough to be kissed. Now I know you think it was respectful not to kiss her on the first date, and in some ways it was, but at the same time she may think you were not attracted to her, and no woman wants to feel unattractive, or as in your case, not assertive enough. In the end you have to gauge the attractiveness between each other and watch for signals, and if by the end of the date you are still confused, you could just try asking her.

Hoping you get more kisses, Dr. G

Q: Dear Dr. G, I have been seeing my friend’s sister. He doesn’t know. Should I tell him? Sincerely, Mike S.

A: Dear Mike, Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with dating your friend’s sister. I do think you should tell the friend though. Unless you feel this is just like a fling situation than maybe not, but things like that have a tendency of rearing their head and biting you in the butt. Hopefully, this is not the case and you are heading towards a healthier, more meaningful, and long lasting relationship. If so, your friend will eventually find out, which may well turn out to be a good thing; after all you already like her family. Be careful, you may be getting into a phase where the more illicit the relationship is, the more excitement it creates. Just don’t invest too much in a relationship like that. It might just fizzle out or it may implode on itself loosing both your friend and his sister. Ultimately you should probably tell your friend about your relationship, but be weary that if your friend has some strange sick relationship with his sister then all bets are off. But why would you put yourself into that situation?

Best Wishes, Dr. G