Sick Puppies for life

 Sick Puppies for life (

Sick Puppies for life (

Revealing the struggles and pains of life, Australian rock band “Sick Puppies” deliver a tasteful amount of tunes worth holding onto. Their album entitled “Dressed up as life” is the U.S. debut album for the trio, now based in Los Angeles, which consists of singer/guitarist Shimon Moore, bassist Emma Anzai, and drummer Mark Goodwin. Moore’s voice is quite comparable to Doug Robb of “Hoobastank,” for his sweet melody and Daniel Johns of “Silverchair” for his raspy yet caring harmony.

The album’s opening track “World,” is lyrically full of revengeful goodness, yet in the artists’ point of view, it is a depressing cry welcoming the listener to his personal problems of coping with relationships and being abandoned. The guitar melody flutters pleasantly with Moore’s vocals, while the bass and drums keep the rhythm going and keeps it balanced.

The third track titled “Cancer,” has the same song structure as the beginning of Green Day’s “American Idiot,” which is not a surprise since Green Day is one of the bands’ major influences. With a quick two-second intro of slap bass, metal inspired guitar riffs and head bopping drum beats; this song is surely to become a favorite. It is about the feelings of one relating to having cancer and knowing that their time will soon pass, but until then they will wander just like everyone else.

Halfway through the record is their most known song called “All The Same,” which has been popularized by their YouTube video “Free Hugs.” A heartfelt tear-jerking video which has been viewed by over 13 million visitors, all thanks to their friend from back home, Juan Mann, who held a sign that read “Free hugs” and dealt with rejection and acceptance from the strangers walking by.

The intro bass riff for “Howard’s Tale,” is no doubt an amazing bass line that fits perfect with Moore’s creepy vocal whispers. Telling a story of a young lad as the years go by, vicious screams can be heard portraying a child being neglected by an elder sibling or relative. While the lyric “I waited for mom to comfort me/ when I opened my mouth/ don’t say nothing shhh,” demands that the secret must be kept. “Issues” captures the feelings of teenage rebellious against controlling parents.

The last song titled “The Bottom,” has a total metal influence which then transforms into a catchy pop-song as it gets to the chorus. The vocalist tends to lure the listener into a trance with his high-pitched singing and can’t help but approve the death strike to sink to the bottom.

If you want to sink to the bottom with Sick Puppies, then this album is a must. Do check out videos of them on YouTube or their Myspace page for a quick peek at some songs.