El taco grande!




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Basically the Taco Truck is the best thing since government cheese! Seriously, I can live forever on this stuff. I give the El Grullo, the Taco Truck on El Camino Real and Bay Hill. Five thumbs up!

Who can pass up the opportunity to have a full belly for under 3 bucks? The menu at El Grullo is simple and tasty, with the highest priced item being $5.50, for a fully loaded Super Burrito, and the lowest priced item being $1.00, for the Taco.

The Taco is perfect for people like me with an on the go schedule. With a relatively large meat selection, cheese, salsa, onions, cilantro, and lime, you definatly get bang for your buck. The only item I would not recommend eating is the radish that they always give you, I still have not quite figured out its purpose, but it’s bitter and tasteless. Every Taco truck has its own great surprise hidden inside of it, if you can’t make it out to El Grullo, I’m sure you can find one in your neighborhood to enjoy.