Bernard, knows how to make a Party Hat Jazzy

 (photo courtesy of AMAZON.COM)

(photo courtesy of AMAZON.COM)


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I have never been a Jazz connoisseur, but anything that gets my hips to shake, is good music to me. And Will Bernard’s “Party Hats” does just that, at any given time while listening to this album, you can close your eyes and find yourself shoeless, dancing in an outdoor Jazz concert. Can you smell the BBQ?Thank god there are no vocals to take away from all of the greatness. Some songs start off slow and build up to something big, as others start off big and just get bigger. Each song progresses; luring you in with the electric guitars, slowly teasing you with a little keyboard, and finally giving you a big bang of horns. Will’s international influences vary through out the album, “White Elephant” sneaks in a little reggae, while “Afro Sheen” takes you on a rollercoaster of funk and salsa. I swear this man is black. “Chin up” starts of taking you through the hoods of Harlem during the 1970’s, then sits you down next to BB King with the blues. The layering of guitars is great! Party Hats” is Will Bernard’s, first album on Palmetto Records, and features, among himself, great bay area players. Track for track everything about “Party Hats” works, the guitars, drums, pianos, saxophones, trumpets, this man definitely knows what he’s doing.