The View From Here

I know that in my last installment of the View from Here, I declared my resignation from The Skyline View and journalism all together, but with this new semester starting there is a much more important topic at hand than my own personal state of mind (which is still slowly dwindling away). That is the threat of having The Skyline View cut from the programs at this school.I admit that I had a really hard time trying to keep this paper together and running smoothly last semester, and I hope that my final rant wasn’t just more fuel for the fire to rid the school of this paper. The truth of the matter is, this paper is very important for many different reasons.It is important to the campus itself, for without it the only other source of news and information about the school comes from the president’s weekly newsletter, Skyline Shines. The rest of the in depth news reporting comes directly from us, the staff of The Skyline View. We are students just like you, simply trying to make our way through the community college system while working hard at honing our craft as journalists. We do our best to provide the rest of the student and staff population with the best news coverage we can offer. But the real issue at hand is the threat of losing this campus commodity. We have worked long and hard at keeping this program afloat, and now somewhere in the administration it has come up that this program is not worth saving.We need help boosting our staff numbers. The administration feels we need a staff of at least 18-20 students enrolled, and at the time of enrollment there were only four staff members. As you can see, this is obviously not enough. Journalism, though it is a very hard job, is a very important one. Not only just to our campus, but the community, and the world all over. This is a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, so why not you?