The thrilling conclusion to ‘Whitebear Starts a Club’

Greetings, hello, and welcome to the second installment of a two-part series based around me trying to start a club at Skyline! In this final part, we’re going to explore how I fared at this daunting task.

After receiving the forms (for people to sign their names on), which I explained about in the last issue, I headed out in search of potential members.

By now, one must be wondering what kind of club I was trying to start. It was a Video Game club. Seeing as how I’m interested in them (an understatement, trust me), I figured it might be fun to try and include other students and just have fun both playing and discussing video game news. I kept this in mind as I looked for potential club members. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the greatest amount of luck in finding them. I only got three people to sign the form. If anyone out there remembers, the minimum amount of members to actually start the club is 10 people.

In between my hunt for members, I started to think of a teacher for the club advisor. Unfortunately, I could think of no teacher who might have an interest in video games. Well, at least no teachers that I’ve had so far. So I asked a friend if he had any suggestions. He named someone, and I called the teacher, but my efforts were in vain, as I wasn’t able to find one to help out. Apparently, finding an advisor would prove to be more difficult than I imagined.

With the lack of members and no club advisor, the end result of this experiment is that the Video Game club hasn’t had the chance to be born. However, this does not mean that I am giving up. Actually, I’m a bit happy with this result. It has taught me to not try and think I can form a club in two weeks. It is heavily advised, if you plan to start a club, you must have your club ready to go beforehand. Thinking “this is going to be easy” is a recipe for failure. So no, I’m not giving up. I’m just planning a different strategy. So long everyone! Happy club-making!