Editorial: Skyline’s supporting cast

Everyday, we wander the halls of Skyline College, and unknowingly pass them by. They are some of the unrecognized, an unsung foundation of our school. They clean up after us, keep us safe, and even feed us. They are the supporting cast of our school, the cafeteria, maintenance and security staff of Skyline College.

Though we see them everyday, we never seem to properly appreciate what they do. The hustle and bustle brought about by school life is understandable, but their importance should never be underestimated. They need recognition from those who they cater to: the students.

They slice, they dice, and they even julienne. The cafeteria staff fills our hungry bellies with food, ranging from perforated freedom fries to naked tropical fruit drinks. They prepare meals for almost eight thousand students and they do it at an almost constant pace.

Other unnoticed hard workers are the maintenance staff of Skyline, who hold our school together. They prevent the decay of our campus by taking care of almost every inch of the school. The continuous use of our school facilities makes this job harder than it may seem, but it gets done nonetheless. They almost literally bear the whole campus on their shoulders.

Skyline’s security staff: our campus crime fighters. Though they are a far cry from superheroes, they are what we have and they do their job. According to Skyline’s new chief of security, Jeffrey Hodges, they are here to serve and protect everyone attending Skyline College. They are steadfast and always ready in case of an emergency, constantly roaming campus with the reassurance that everything is all right.

Hodges added he asks his officers to be firm, but fair, stressing to them to treat everyone the same, while remaining professional in altercations.

As the majority of the Skyline populous, we, the students of this college should be the first to reassure them of the significance of their jobs. We need to show our appreciation by simply picking up after ourselves, giving them our patience, and being respectful. To make a long story short, we need them. The least we could do is greet them with an honest thanks. We do not need to make their precarious jobs even harder, but instead try to make their day a little bit smoother