Don’t eat or sleep, listen to Copeland on repeat

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CD Fast Facts:Artist: CopelandAlbum: Eat, Sleep, RepeatHighlights: Control Freak, Careful Now, I’m Safer On An Airplane, By My Side

A CD review on the sports store Copeland? Not quite. Copeland is an indie rock band from Lakeland, Florida. The band consists of vocalist Aaron Marsh, who also plays the guitars and the mellotron, piano and organ. James Likeness plays the bass and also sings as a backup singer, drummer Jonathan Bucklew, and guitarist Bryan Laurenson. Just one year after their sophomore release, Copeland has come back with a new album titled Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

This is their third album to be released on Southern California’s independent label, The Militia Group. They have also released four EPs, two of which were split EPs with another band, and have also taken part in several CD compilations. Even though they have been labeled as an indie emo band, the melody they carry can be described as mellow, angelic and with a pinch of pop-rock. Their harmony is comparable to bands such as Death Cab For Cutie, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, and Keane.

It opens with the track “Where’s My Head,” giving that strange feeling of a nursery rhyme. The lyrics were a bit bizarre, yet the comforting, innocent vocals of Aaron Marsh overpowered the out of ordinary lyrics.

The song titled “Eat, Sleep, Repeat,” does not have much to do with the lyrics being said in the track, but do believe, for the lyrics make much sense halfway through the album. Strange wordings are disguised as heavily emotional verses. Having to use only one instrument disguised as many, such as flutes and a xylophone, the mellotron being played gives this track a feeling that it could pass for an elevator tune.

The first track to be posted on their PureVolume site off this record is “Control Freak,” which is one of the likable tunes on the album. The piano in this piece flows wonderfully with Marsh’s falsetto whisper. “Careful Now” starts off with five seconds of clean acoustic guitar, which then is joined with demanding suggestive words, a mild clash of drumbeats, a heartfelt piano harmony, and a bass line that pours into the depth of your heart.

“I’m Safer In An Airplane,” couldn’t have been written any other way. With a lyric like “I think I’m safer on the Jetway, than a world without hope,” certainly gives an opinion that the world we live in just isn’t safe as it used to be. Another view could be a reference to the September 11 plane crashes. He could be saying that everyone will eventually die, but he would rather have his death come to him on an airplane, where he feels much safer than being killed on a planet without peace.

The deep lyrics of the lovey-dovey “By My Side,” makes a lot of sense while the guitars weep marvelously in a striking guitar solo. This song has the spirit and potential of becoming a possible future single.

The piano in “The Last Time He Saw Dorie,” rains down with a gloomy yet hopeful melody. The way Marsh’s voice calls out in “When You Thought You’d Never Stand Out,” definitely stands out as if he were the lead in a choir. Both of these tracks are a sob story.

Give this record some time to listen to. Let all the lyrics sink in. Although some of their long-time listeners might not appreciate this album as much as their earlier style, it is sure to grasp new listeners, including myself. This is an album to listen to while relaxing or if you’re having a little trouble falling asleep. The title says it best: Eat, Sleep, Repeat.