Barry Bonds has obviously faced numerous allegations of using steroids and has repeatedly denied them. However, his major problem lies within his denial of using steroids.

No, I am not condoning the use of steroids. However, I feel that if you get caught using steroids, then admit to using it and face the consequences. Yes, it is obviously going to suck for the player, but in the long run, it’s the wisest decision he could make.

The players who have actually used steroids and admitted to its use did themselves a favor. How, do you ask? Because no one, and I emphasize no one, ever really bugs them anymore.

Think about it. Why does Bonds keep getting the same question thrown at him repeatedly? It’s because he continually denies the idea of knowingly using steroids.

Look at other players around the league and other professional sports who have abided by my theory.

Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi, both members of the New York Yankees, were under the same allegations that Bonds was facing last year. However, instead of denying the use of steroids, they both admitted to the accusations and were shunned by the media, players, and fans. Granted, they both faced a lot of hate and persecution from everyone, but look at where both players stand a year later. Nobody is mentioning their steroid use, let alone their names anymore. And it’s not like they’ve been playing poorly. Might I add, they’ve returned to their All-Star level of play. Todd Sauerbrun, and most recently, Shawne Merriman, members of the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers respectively, were both found to have used steroids. Once again, as opposed to denying the use of steroids, they faced the punishment and went on with their football lives. Yet again, no one mentions their steroid use anymore

Now, Bonds obviously hates all of this attention that’s being put upon him, and obviously any other person would too. But he kind of put this on himself. First, he said that he has never used steroids in his life, but when tests were completed, he said that he unknowingly took steroids.

This era in baseball, or sports for that matter, is being referred by many as the “Juiced Era.” So if Bonds wants to do himself a favor, or any other player for that matter, they should admit to using steroids and give the games the courtesy and respect that they so rightfully deserve.