The View From Here

When you bring up the term “God,” the reactions are rather mixed. Some people feel that frankly, there is one and only one God: The all-powerful Christian God, creator of the universe and all that resides within. If this is true, wouldn’t God also be responsible for how people think, feel and act? If this is the case, God must be the one behind terrorism, racism, and above all, sexism. Simply put, God must hate us.

Most Christians, at one time or another, claim to have received some sort of guidance or intuition from their God. They usually refer to it as promptings of the spirit. I, being raised Mormon (who are in fact Christians, despite what some may think), have also claimed to have been moved by the spirit to act a certain way. Sometimes though, I feel as if the spirit urges me in directions which are unconventional to most Christians. Whether it be getting high, or making love to another man, I think the spirit is guiding me into these situations. And if I feel that it might be some sort of divine intervention which makes me want to know another man in the biblical sense, I would assume that other alternative-sexuals might feel that God also made them feel the way they do.

So if it is God who makes us homo, bi, or trans-sexual, then why does God turn around and damn us for these same traits? Once again, simply put, God hates us.

Now I’m sure there are a lot of Christians reading this thinking, “It’s not God who makes people feel this way, but the Devil.” To them I say, you and the Devil be fools. The Devil never wanted people to feel free enough to find happiness in others. The Devil wanted to force people into lives of servitude to him. He doesn’t bother with things like love, even between two people of the same gender; he focuses his treachery on causing people to lust after things like money and power. He is probably on the same side as those who wish to outlaw same-sex marriages, for he knows the power of unconditional love and it threatens him.

So why then would God also be damning those who find love in same-sex relationships? Perhaps it’s because there is no God in the first place, and we really are the rulers of our own destiny.