Why are we called the “Trojans”?

New England Patriots. Pittsburgh Steelers. San Francisco 49ers. San Diego Padres. All of these team names relate in some way to the area in which they call home field. Now think about Skyline College. What is the name of our team? The Skyline Trojans.

When someone says Skyline, what words come into mind that associate with the sky? Birds, fog, flying squirrels even. Trojan isn’t something that’s associated with the sky.

The only reason I can think as to why our very talented teams are called the Trojans is because we have this Napoleonic complex in wanting to be as big as or bigger than the University of Southern California. Ponder this for just a moment; Skyline College and USC have almost identical initials. If someone asks you where you go to school, you could just as easily say SC and be done with it, letting them think that you go to Southern California. You could even throw in the fact that you are a “SC Trojan” to make it even more believable.

A different team name would also give our teams more identity. How many teams are called the Trojans? How many teams are called the “Fog” or the “Flying Squirrels”? If we had a team name that could actually associate with the school, then who knows, people might actually want to watch the games. The Trojans have good teams who are enjoyable to watch, and could use support. Maybe a new team name is the answer.

The only thing the Trojans have going for them is the use of iambic pentameter when they are called out onto the field. “Now the Skyline Trojans enter the field.” Iambic pentameter just doesn’t have the zip it used to in getting fans pumped up about their team.