Imagine if one day, all of us students got incredibly lazy and decided not to attend school, or not as often as we should. Then our lovely neighbors would realize the change and decide to attend our school, use up all of our facilities, and outnumber us while doing so. Isn’t that ironic? This is our school, and our neighbors, who aren’t even students, use the school more often than we do.

To be realistic, this isn’t something that’s happening to our entire campus now or anytime soon, but it is something that is happening to our renovated track field.

The field has been here for years, but it was renovated roughly under two years ago, adding a synthetic turf and a better material for the track to run on. Because of this, the campus used up a lot of its bond money by spending millions of dollars into the project and making it into one of the top fields in the bay area.

We have this beautiful, multi-million dollar field that looks great and has many new features, yet it’s barely used for anything. The school doesn’t really have any classes geared to utilize the field. We students, regardless of whether we have the free time or not, aren’t making use of the field either.

There is a Running for Fitness class offered on campus that rarely uses the track, and there is also a Flag Football class that constantly switches from using either the track field or the old soccer field.

What I’ve learned from those who live near campus is that there is nothing stopping any of us students from using the field to whatever our liking is. You don’t have to be in neither a class nor a team, let alone be affiliated with our school; which they obviously aren’t.

However, not all of the blame is to be placed solely on all of us students. In my opinion, some of the blame deserves to fall on the faculty and staff as well.

As I stated earlier, we have this gorgeous track field that was built for us, the students, yet after the renovation was finished, there weren’t any programs or services created in order for students to partake in.

Why isn’t there a sprinting class of some sort that will always use the track? Even more importantly…why isn’t there a track and field team?

I know that these suggestions will require teachers, equipment, and more facilities (especially for a track and field team), but if we’ve already spent so much money on the track alone, then why not spend a little more in order to make an actual investment in the decisions that we make? It would be a great idea for the school because it will not only help them make even more money, but possibly even increase enrollment.

Our neighbors have already taken over our track field and made it their own, so let’s do something quick, because I don’t want them to take over the cafeteria as well.