This Providence has no sophomore slump

All hail Fueled By Ramen bands… well at least some of us in favor of that pop-punk rock sound. I had seen This Providence at Slim’s, on the second of September. They were on tour along with Hit The Lights and Cute Is What We Aim For, all opening up for the headlining band, Paramore. This Providence’s performance was exciting and everyone was singing along. Even though they were the first band to grace the crowd, they still had everyone jumping up and down to their melodies. They left their fans truly satisfied with a mix of their old songs, and a few from the new album.Before playing their last song and saying their goodbyes, the lead singer, Dan Young, announced that their new album would be released on September 12, yet it would be on sale for the first time that night for only $7. After the concert, a crowd of fans raced to the merch booth and got their hands on a sealed CD, which was later ripped open for the band members to sign. This is This Providence’s sophomore album, which is their debut to be released on the label, Fueled By Ramen. Lyrically and musically, this is a stretch from the first album titled “Our Worlds Divorce.” The new self-titled album has a more upbeat punch rather than the previous album, which was considered more emo than anything. There had also been an EP released early in 2004.The opening track, “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing,” is a great choice to be the first single. It has some awesome guitar riffs and with the drumming, it all comes together, while I nod my head to the beat. This song had been posted up on their PureVolume website (, months before the release to give their fans an early glimpse of what is to come. The fourth track, “My Beautiful Rescue,” is one of the slow songs on the CD. I would consider it as the lovey-dovey song on the whole album. You know that song, where someone pulls out a lighter and slowly starts waving it side to side, only to notice that everyone else is waving a cell phone in the air, while others are making out with their lover. Random, yet so awkward? I think so.”…But What Will They Say?,” and “Card House Dreamer” are both catchy tunes that will have you dancing without you even realizing it. Dan Young’s voice is so infectious, once I learned the lyrics, I found myself singing along.I recommend visiting their PureVolume website to preview three tracks on the album. You can also get a taste of what their earlier sound was like by listening to two older songs there as well. Give them a listen, who knows, they may be a new favorite of yours.So if you do decide to buy This Providence’s self-titled album, be sure to save your receipt to enter the This Providence Receipt Contest. You could win the entire Fueled By Ramen catalog. Details at