The View from Here:

To those few who actually read this publication, you might have noticed that the last two issues have been on the stands a day late. This has happened simply because we have been loose with our deadlines and allowed for procrastination which is simply unacceptable. You may wonder why they’re called “deadlines?” If you don’t meet them, your work is as good as dead. It’s important to keep yourself from procrastinating. This rule of thumb could be easily translated into other areas of life. Whether it’s schoolwork or your job, be sure to manage your time so work does not end up coming in late.Late work makes things harder for everyone. Forgetting to make an order at work, running out of product, will thus disappoint customers. Business could be lost. Forgetting to do schoolwork may result in a bad grade, as in our own case.In some situations procrastination could result in even more adverse affects. Say you receive a ticket for driving without your license; this is easy enough to fix. You just have to show a police officer your license and they will sign the ticket, then take the ticket to a courthouse and pay a minimal fee. But procrastinating could result in a larger fee, or even a warrant for your arrest. So why put yourself in that position? The solution to all this is very simple: stop putting things off. The sooner you get things done, the sooner you no longer have to worry about them. Take action, start your work earlier and make sure to meet your deadlines.