Gym open, but not fully operational

Another item on Skyline’s construction list has at last been checked off. After two years of renovations, Skyline’s gymnasium is unofficially reopened. The gym’s reopening is unofficial due to some minor set backs from the ongoing construction here and there. But for the most part, it is of use to many physical education classes for now. Newly appointed Interim Physical Education Dean Joe Morello expects that the gym will be fully opened to all students and staff by the end of the month, smoothing out kinks and bugs as time goes by.”Like with any construction project, we are dealing with some issues, but expect that the building will be functional by the end of the month,” Morello said in an email interview.All in all, the new facility is anticipated to brighten Skyline’s physical education programs. Morello, who seems confident about the reopening, has a positive attitude toward the outcome.”The good news is that once everything has been taken care of, this building will be an excellent environment to teach and learn.”