Underoath redefines with “Define”

CD Fast factsArtist: UnderoathAlbum: Define the Great LineAlbum Highlights: To Whom it May Concern, In Regards to Myself

From the gripping opening track to the solemn reflective closer, Underoath’s latest release, “Define the Great Line” embodies the feeling of getting in a fist fight with God itself. Shying away from the “pop-ier” techno breaks of their earlier albums, “Define” is 100% more aggressive and heavier, occasionally dipping into mellower moods, but quickly returning to darker sounds. This is definitely the bands angriest sounding record. Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida, the six members of Underoath are all avid Christians. It’s hard to tell through the horrifying screams, but the majority of the lyrics are in fact praising God and Jesus Christ. It’s quite the juxtaposition, a heavy metal band with morals and adoration for Christ? But in fact there are more and more Christian metal bands popping up every day, and it seems that Underoath is now at the forefront of this growing genre. Aside from what may seem like a gimmick, most Christian metal bands are very talented musicians, and Underoath is definitely a very talented band. They have worked hard to keep themselves from being lumped into the generic “screamo” band role, and though there are many similar sounding bands out there, they have surely succeeded in standing out in the crowd.With the new album, they tried a lot of new things in hopes to push the boundaries of their music, and achieved many new and exciting sounds and moods. The true highlight of the album is the closing track, “to whom it may concern,” which is a very somber and reflective song. The music feels atmospheric and dreamy, and it builds to a piercing climax. The lyrics present a sign of hope and determination, “at the end of the road, you’ll find what you’ve been longing for, I know cause my feet have the scars to show.”I highly recommend this album to any fan of heavy music or any one who can tolerate a lot of screaming.