Skyline remembers Lillian Infante

On August 17, a shining example of the spirit of Skyline passed away at the age of fifty-five. Lillian Infante was a Cosmetology student in her first year in Skyline’s Cosmetology department. She was a great student who had amazing talent and a wonderful personality.”She would laugh a lot… she was just a happy soul,” said Cinthia Menendez, one of Lillian’s Cosmetology Instructors. Lillian Infante had a Cosmetology certificate from the Philippines and was training to get her license in the United States.”It was a proud thing for her to be here,” Menendez said.Lillian will leave her husband Manuel, her five children, and a potential career in Cosmetology behind.She was well loved by her instructors, her peers, and her family. “It was very shocking for everyone,” said Laurie Biagi. “She was a sweetheart and she’ll be missed.”