For the love of the games we play

 The most students have seen of the gymnasium for a great while ... though that is soon to change. (Marian Mesia)

The most students have seen of the gymnasium for a great while … though that is soon to change. (Marian Mesia)

For the past two and a half years the gymnasium has been closed. Known more formally as building three, it has been subject to a number of renovations.While closed the Physical Education/Athletics program has had to endure fielding classes in the Pacific Heights building across from the main campus.Besides the obvious inconvenience of having to walk farther to classes, there is also the fact that the accommodations-on-hold from Pacific Heights do not have the capacity or capabilities of a full-fledged gymnasium.All of these difficulties meant to be endured as a necessary evil to bring the building up to code. When it reopens on September 5 it will be set to all current safety standards so that it will be better prepared to handle earthquakes and other such disasters.The retrofitting of building three was paid for by the community thanks to a passed bond Measure C, general obligation bond funds, State Capital Outlay funds, State Scheduled Maintenance funds, and State Hazardous Substances funds.What this means to students is that they will have a modernized gymnasium, locker rooms and showers renovation, new second floor restroom, smaller updated team rooms and the dance studio and mat room remodeled.But school has already started and building three is still not accessible. So for all the classes this semester they are beginning out at the Pacific Heights buildings with the intent to transfer to the gymnasium once it opens.Outside of building three right now you would see caution tape, construction workers and sandwich boards proclaiming that the building will be open on September 1. That is not the case according to Physical Education/Athletics Division Assistant Alexandria Hatzistratis, who mentioned during a telephone interview that September 5 is the day for the division conversion.Until then, students are undergoing their start of semester fitness testing. At the start and end of the semester any of the student body in a Physical Education or Athletics class have their body fat percentage and physical acuity are assessed to compare changes and show improvement.This is being done instead of actual classes with the hope of it being completed so that when the gymnasium opens the classes can get started right away with their programs.