Cafeteria under new management, but lacks new name



With the abrupt absence of Fresh & Natural, the entire cafeteria has been altered by incorporating a whole new staff and menu. Although there have been many significant changes to the cafeteria, the most notable one is that of its actual name.

After the San Mateo County Community College District decided to end its contract with Fresh & Natural, it is no longer known by its moniker, and its title is now usurped by a large white board with the label “Café No-Name.”

However, that alias will only survive for a brief period of time. Jeff Moore, the cafeteria’s manager, held a contest from August 21st to the 25th to allow for students to give suggestions on what they think should be the new and official name of the cafeteria.

By September 5, the cafeteria will announce the winning name and award the prizewinner with an iPod Nano.