Skyline to trade transfer requirements


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Graduation requirements for Math and English are tentatively set to change beginning fall of 2007.

The Academic Senate as well as the Board of Governors, the two main parties initiating the changes, may implement that the current math requirement of elementary algebra be moved up to intermediate algebra, and English moved up one level higher.

The proposal has been passed by the State Academic Senate and is now with the State Chancellors Office, which is where the final approval will be given on whether or not the changes will go through. If the State Chancellors Office approves, the changes will apply to all the community colleges in California.

Currently, community colleges in California have the choice to raise math and English requirements on an individual basis. Some schools around the state have already begun to implement the new requirements.

Canada College has raised their requirements as of last year, according to Garret Nicol, an English professor at Skyline.

Those arguing in favor of the change say it’s to “strengthen the public perception of the associates degree,” as stated in the Consultation Digest. According to the Consultation Digest, California’s workforce is requesting that the requirements be raised.

The opposition argues that there are students already at a disadvantage, those who don’t primarily speak English nor have learning disabilities for example, will be negatively impacted. The ability of community colleges to raise the requirements themselves is good enough to address local needs.

“We had a forum on campus a couple of years ago and the feeling at the end of the forum was that our campus was sort of neutral on it,” said Nicol. “There are some people who are against raising the requirements and some people who are for it. We couldn’t come up with a strong opinion.”