Don’t miss your chance to make a change

So it’s come to that time again- early spring, when patriotic décor compliments a plethora of candidacy flyers and different types of memorabilia with a future electee’s face on it. The smell of freshly printed ballots lingers through the air, and everywhere- and I mean everywhere- you go, one of these candidates is desperately trying to win your vote.

I believe it was this time last year, when a frantic candidate gave out ice cream sandwiches in return assurance of receiving a vote. This candidate did not win. In any case, I fear that this generation in society is completely lacking even an ounce of care.

In case people haven’t noticed, the school is littered with candidacy forms and garlands in hopes of maybe luring even a fair few to sign up for a position in the run off. What is concerning me is the fact that such a large amount of students show no interest, not only in running for positions, but also in actually voting and supporting the student government. It’s also time to vote for California state legislatives and officials. If students can’t hone in on their student body, then what will happen to our state government?

Ok, so I’m not particularly a fan of politics myself, and I don’t think I’d be a great candidate for primarily any position available, but regardless, I am very much aware of what’s going on. I vote.

Just a couple of days ago, after talking about the elections in the newsroom, two of my colleagues, within five minutes of each other, pronounced “Oh really? There’s elections?” Yes, there are elections, and it’s up to you to do something about them.

So some people don’t like how the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) run things. Well, why not get a foot in the door and change things?

I am noticing a pattern of peers saying how they don’t care, and how they won’t be affected by ASSC decisions. Like hell you won’t. If that’s your attitude now, what goes on in your head when it’s voting time for the federal government? It’s in your hands, kids! Get out there and start caring. Because in twenty or thirty years from now, our generation will be the vast majority voting. And if your attitude still resides in the ‘not my problem’ camp, then you better not let me hear you complain about a thing, because I’m not particularly a fan of getting up on a soap box and making a scene, but believe me, I will. For me, getting up on a soap box and chewing you out for something as petty as voting would take more energy than needed, and therefore I’d become even more upset.

And getting back to my staff mates who were unaware of the elections that have been going on for a couple of weeks now- they were only two out of a room of nearly 15. So I wonder the ratio of students who are oblivious to such things as elections, to the number of students who are aware, caring or not. It also makes me ponder the ratios of the students who actually vote, and even those who are conscious to that fact that we have a student government, and that it exists for our use. It is scary when you sit down and think about the little motivation people have when it comes to elections. This is your say, folks. It’s time you take advantage of it.

So instead of complaining about the way things are getting done, go out there and do it yourself. There are positions needing candidates, and the ballot table in the cafeteria is desolate and dusty. I encourage each and every one of you to at least check it out. And whatever you do, don’t forget to vote.