Americans buy useless junk

Well, they have finally done it! They have gone out and put air in a can and now they are selling it at Seven-Elevens in Japan. Not since they decided to freeze water and sell to the masses under the moniker “Ice,” has the general population been so taken advantage of and loved it. In fact, they bought it up.

What is up with consumer populations? They work their lives away in order to buy ridiculous junk. Who in their right minds would go to Seven-Eleven to buy a can of oxygen instead of a slurpee? Apparently the Japanese. But don’t worry; I am sure it will make its way to America. And we’ll buy it all up; it will be like the next Rockstar wave.

It’s the mark of a consumer population, and we’re the biggest. We are all guilty, even I find myself going on frantic Hot Topic shopping sprees. Consumption is a part of our culture. From food, to product goods, to property, we love to consume.

The spread of this culture is far reaching. We are trying to consume the earth. We have made it through South America, into most of Europe, Russia, and we have sunk our teeth deep into Asia. Now all that is left is that pesky little Middle East. How much longer will they last? Until the whole world is consumed?

This is not the world I want to raise my kids in. I don’t want my family to be consumed. I want them to be free to explore the world. One of diversity, of choices and options. If our capitalistic culture continues to spread in the manner that it has, soon we will be stuck in a world where consumption is a way of life. Imagine that. A world of fat people, surrounded by garbage, with no signs of natural life left. Now, yes this bleak future seems rather extreme and far-fetched, but how far off is it really?

It is getting too close, and now is the time to make a change. Stop buying useless crap! Stop eating fast food! And most of all, stop building! We need to preserve the earth or speed up the Mars colonization, because we are a hungry race and there is not much more earth to go around.