A year in review

Student elections begin May 15, and with them last year’s Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) student government members will be packing up and moving out to make room for next year’s members. As their term comes to an end, it seems appropriate to reflect on their accomplishments.

The last year has been a very busy one for ASSC, especially since they had a maximum of only seven members. The lack in manpower made it difficult to effectively run the student government.

“I just wish that we would’ve been a little bit more successful with recruiting new members,” Peter Monrroy, Vice President of ASSC, said. “I know that we tried.”

But despite the lack of members, ASSC pushed on. They did the best they could organizing various activities with the support they had and, according to the Student Council Meeting minutes, they even discussed asking other clubs to help with events.

During the fall semester there was not a lot of action made in the Council meetings. The most prominent issues discussed were the new smoking policy and the art on campus movement. The two issues were discussed, or at least touched on, at about every meeting during the fall, and appear to have been rather big successes. Another ASSC sponsored event, which is always a great success, was the fourth annual “Women on Writing” conference, which was held on March 4, 2006.

The spring semester presented much more action for ASSC. Many clubs and organizations came to ask for funding for activities and events pertaining to their areas of interest. Among these groups were; Katherine Harer for Talisman, the Journalism club for JACC, and FSU for a conference. ASSC was able to help fund all requests.

“I’m always happy giving out money,” Monrroy said. “The club’s organization will come up to receive money because they’ve done things on campus, like FSU, they’re very active. Because I get to work with the clubs, I’m totally for giving them the funding. I feel that is always a success, because not only do we get to do things, but they get to do things [with the funds].”

Plans for recruitment continued, but to no avail, and ASSC remained small in numbers.

The rest of the spring was spent mainly focusing on preparing for elections and the end of the year celebration.

Overall, ASSC had a good term over the last year.

“I feel that we were successful up to a point,” Monrroy said. “We could’ve done a little bit more activities, but we didn’t have that man power.”

As for next year, Monrroy is very optimistic.

“Since I’m Vice President, I get to have candidate forums with the new members. I actually feel that they might have a better governing council. The people that I’ve met seem really interesting, they think strong-headed. I feel that they will have a good council next year.”

He leaves them with the advice to, “Work well together, communicate with each other, and try your best.”