Letter to the Editor…

Hi my name is Steve and I have followed the sports coverage here at skyline for about 4 years and I love the stories you guys write about wrestling. This last fall a wrestler named Alecxis Lara placed 2nd in the state championships and there was no follow up story on him. The only story written on him was one month before the finals talking about how he was ranked 2nd in state, but now he did it and he deserves the coverage for no other athlete this year has had as much success as he did finishing 2nd in the state of California. It is not too late and I, Alecxis, and the rest of the Skyline View fans deserve to hear a story on his success this year. There is wrestling class/practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at about 4:30. you guys could contact the coach there his name is Coach James Haddon. He doesn’t do much emailing or phone calls so the best thing is to find Alecxis and James there.



Did you hear that? The sound of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rattling his sword for the folks at home. His fundamentalist policies weren’t playing so well, poll numbers were down, so now he just bashes America (his numbers have since soared). And did you hear that? Bush is jumping for the bait, knowing that invading a second Muslim nation will impress his core constituency as well. This time, he doesn’t have to make up stories about weapons of mass destruction, because his new fight is with a nuclearized loudmouth who’ll do anything to give Bush a black eye.

Which brings me to that other thing you hear in the background: World War III, and Bush’s core voters singing their approval. In case you didn’t know, they’ve all been raised on tales of the world ending any day now, as the result of a war in the Middle East. Ever stood at a book stall and thumbed through Tim LaHaye’s popular “Left Behind,” or Todd Strandberg’s “Are You Rapture Ready?” or Hal Lindsay’s classic “The Late Great Planet Earth”? You should. According to these Bush-favored texts, nukes rain on the Arabs, God roasts the Blue-state voters, and Evangelical Christians float up to heaven just before things get nasty. Imagine that. Walking around believing God wants you to start wars, but since you’re a favored person, you’ll not have to endure what you’ve started. Ever wonder why Bush is so strangely upbeat about the war in Iraq, despite daily, unrelenting bloodshed? Now you know. For Bush, the only thing wrong with the battle is that it’s not a firestorm of Biblical proportions. Of course, if we allow him to drag Iran into it, he’ll get his wish._______________________________________

Dear Editor;

The Skyline Student Health Center thanks you for your positive and accurate depiction of our services. We would like to add only that we are at all times seeking more and better health options for our students, so services change and evolve, each year.

Thanks again,

Health Center Staff