Associated Students face lack of associates

Candidate applications for Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) student government are due on Monday, May 8, with ASSC elections set for May 15 -18.

There are five officers currently filling positions in ASSC student government, but only one officer, Sen. Jonathan Vasquez, who joined just a few weeks ago, will be likely to return. All the other current members are transferring to other schools.

With such a small membership , there is uncertainty for what the upcoming semester will hold for a student government that’s held approximately five to seven members over the past academic year. Peter Monrroy, vice president of ASSC, expressed his concern over the possibility of there no longer being a student government at Skyline.

“We’re kind of hoping that won’t happen,” he said, pointing out that there would be no place for students, faculty and administrators to receive funds. “I think it would affect the students in the long-run if there wasn’t an ASSC.”

Monrroy, who has been a part of student government for three years, said that they have had more membership in the past. The focus of student government this past year, he said, was more focused on funding programs.

Monrroy said, however, that student government would like to put on larger events, but they have had trouble doing that very effectively with so few students.

Current ASSC President, Taylor Angel, has more optimistic views on the future of Skyline’s student government.

“There’s going to be more opportunities for the students because of the new student union center, set to complete in Spring of 2007,” Angel said. “I think there’s going to be a lot more excitement over the student government and being involved.”

However, Angel, like Monrroy, is concerned over low membership.

“I think that students need to step up [to join student government] plain and simple,” he said. “You can quote me on that.”

Angel said that he would like to see students in the various clubs take the next level with their leadership and join ASSC, pointing out that while serving on student government, Angel himself took part in different clubs as well.

“I can’t physically force students to join,” Angel said. “But they need to know that it is a possibility and that they’re not taking advantage of the opportunities.”