The View from Here:

Just when I thought this world couldn’t become any more materialistic, I heard a radio advertisement that just made me want to throw up.

This particular advertisement is from Shane Company, a jewelry chain which has existed since 1971. The commercial is for engagement rings and is one of the cheesiest commercials I’ve ever heard.

The commercial starts off with Tom Shane, chief executive officer of Shane Co., rattling off information on how an engagement ring isn’t just meant to please the potential bride to be. Tom Shane mentions how the engagement ring must be perfect, as it has to be able to comply with the standards of the girlfriend’s co-workers, friends and even “Aunt Tildy.”

Later on in the commercial, Tom Shane mentions that if the ring wasn’t exactly what the girlfriend was looking for, then she has 30 days to exchange the ring for the exact diamond she was looking for.

So where is the focus here? Is it on love or marriage? Or is it just on that piece of rock that is to be worn on the bride-to-be’s finger? Is a man only as impressive as the size of the diamond he is able to afford?

Engagement rings are highly expensive and probably out of most young people’s budgets, they also contribute to a very cluttered finger (once you add the wedding ring).

There are much more meaningful ways for a person to show that they love another person and want to spend the rest of his or her life with them. Poems or love letters can be included in one way to propose, but there can be many creative ideas based on inside jokes or special memories a couple shares.

While Shane Company may be our “friend in the diamond business,” they are not our friend in the “love business”.