Building the future of Skyline College

Jan. 06 (

Jan. 06 (

Skyline’s campus has undergone tremendous physical changes in the past few months.

The erection of the steel in both the new science annex (building 7a) and the new student union building (building 6) has gone up and the exterior skin in the new student union building is being placed. In addition, on Feb. 14 the chosen inscription by Mahatma Gandhi was added.

According to Tina Wells, project manager for Hensel Phelps Construction, the panels have been attached, but now the craft workers must go back to straighten them. Wells says the straightening process will probably be finished by the end of February.

Following the alignment of the panels will be the placing of glass for the openings. Duct work and piping will be hung from the student union’s ceiling.

Steel has been erected for the science annex, and Hensel Phelps is getting ready to place slab on grade, which is the concrete, for the second level. Most of building 7 will be used for lab space.

Hensel Phelps has been taking advantage of the nice weather and is completing projects such as digging trenches to place the underground site utilities.

“Until we get the building closed in and the roof on, we are really dependent on the weather.” Wells said, adding that they expect the student union building to be fully enclosed by early April.

Wells said that after the panels are put up they will only have a small amount of work left to do. Then they will be able to place the roof on the building. The placing of the roof is something Wells said will be a huge milestone as the craft workers will be able to work inside the building without worrying about any rain coming through.

In the earlier stages of the project Hensel Phelps only had five or six construction workers working on the project. Now there are approximately 36 people working on the job and it is expected to grow to around 50 or 60 people.

The new student union will be home to many student functions including a bookstore, cafeteria, dining room area, cyber café and gaming rooms. In addition there will be the student government office as well as several meeting rooms and study areas.

Hensel Phelps is completing all of the interior work in the buildings as well, including all of the ceilings, doors and painting.

The final completion date for both buildings is set for April of 2007, but Wells said that the building should be substantially complete by then.

Besides the construction of the buildings, some landscaping around the building will be completed and items such as benches and a flag pole will be installed. The center of the quad will also partially be completed by Hensel Phelps; Wells said it was going to consist of a circle shape.

Owen Olson, Superintendent of Hensel Phelps, commented on the ever changing campus.

“People should be taking note how it’s changing,” he said. “[The student union building] is getting closed and now you can’t see through the site.”