Straight emo to the very fullest!

So this is one of those shows where emo kids of all levels unite. Me-I’m a partial closet emo myself, so believe me when I say I enjoyed the show to its full capacity.

Reggie and the Full Effect certainly know how to entertain an audience, big or small. I’ve seen this band play a few times, but never in a small personal venue such as SF’s Bottom of the Hill.

When we walked in, the atmosphere was calm and chill; a bunch of drunken emo children were running around as though it were feeding time at the petting zoo. No one, though, was too obnoxious or threatening. We made our way to the back where the merch booth was set up, and who else but James Dewees (lead singer, often mistaken for ‘Reggie’ himself, and numerous other characters, Get up Kids alumni) was there dishing out the goods. Making small talk with him was enough for me-I didn’t even have to stay for the show, but we did. Since they were the only band playing, they had all the time in the world to perform. James and From Autumn to Ashes bassist Josh Newton (who played the entire show) opened with a mime routine-very similar to one at the circus. The D.J. put on a random R. Kelly song, and the Reggie mimes acted it out word for word. The audience laughed in a drunken frenzy and demanded to see more. It didn’t take much for James to decide to give us an entirely different show. Towards the end of the mime act, he asked the audience to reach into our pockets and pull out some ones, as he began to shake it, and donate some ones to the Reggie funds.

Next, it was time for the band members to unite on stage, causing the greatness that is Reggie and the Full Effect to come alive. The set was started off with one of their more famous drum and bass songs better known as “Doot Doot Pause. Doot Doot.” It was as though I was at a rave turned emo fest. The rest of the set was a crazy mix of songs from “Promotional Copy,” to “Songs Not to Get Married To.” Halfway through their set came the best surprise ever. Since they were playing in San Francisco, James took the initiative to tribute San Francisco bands. On the spot, they covered Journey’s “Anyway You Want Me.” It was a beautiful sing-along, fully equipped with lighters and memories. Once the song was over, they went into newer stuff, but rocked out nonetheless.

Finally, their alter-ego comes out. Hardcore Finnish band The Common Denominators (better known as a bloodied up, incognito Reggie and the Full Effect) took the stage and made the room scream. Klaus (AKA James) spoke in his sexy accent and ended the show with a bang, causing the pits to erupt. Getting stuck in front of an untamed mosh pit made them even more exciting.

It was a great show, as always. The band is definitely one to hang out with. The next time they come around, be sure to check ’em out.