‘Speak Out’ on racism

On Jan. 25, Skyline students gathered to view a screening of the upfront and edgy film “Crash”. The film was shown, by speech professor Phyllis Taylor, in conjunction with an upcoming forum here on campus to address racial issues.

The idea of having this forum was sparked by psychology professor Tony Jackson, and supported and nurtured by Skyline College’s student body president Taylor Angel. The two felt it was important to bring such issues to the forefront of student and faculty attention.

“[Society] is moving in the right direction,” Taylor said. “[Racism] is still very pervasive.”

Angel is hoping that through these events students will walk away with a greater awareness of the racism and prejudice we encounter daily in our society. The forum has been designed to let students and faculty voice their opinions and concerns on these issues in an open and welcome environment. The forum titled “Speak Out” will be held on Wednesday Feb. 1 from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. in the a Gallery Theatre.