Project seeks student support



“Young Adults for Smoke Free San Mateo County” headed by Laravic Flores is currently looking for young adults from two San Mateo County community colleges to participate in a campaign aimed at eliminating smoking on college campuses and the Cow Palace and Expo center.

This group received its funding to operate for three years thanks to a grant provided to the American Lung Association, by the tobacco industry. Flores wanted to make it clear that the advocates are not, “anti-smokers but anti-tobacco industry.”

Besides helping with education on campus rules and spreading knowledge about the effects of second and first hand smoking, she wants to show how persuasive and pervasive the tobacco industry is about getting young adults at the college level as lifetime smokers. How they prey on college kids dealing with all the new responsibility and stressors in their life.

What this advocate group is trying to do is make a difference through positive steps forward. Regarding smoking, many people take issue with how it is handled on campus, despite that there is a lot of apathy preventing people who want to make a difference from working toward progress and this is one way to revolutionize that. Flores wants this to be a positive experience and looked upon as such.

In addition, they want to branch in other ways to help. For example, for those smokers who would like to quit. Flores’ colleague, Jennifer Mares, has a number of plans that can assist. There are educational classes that she runs, free “quit kits” and numerous other reform tools for those who want them.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, you can email Lavaric Flores at [email protected] There is more information and applications that can be found on campus at the health center or the A.S.S.C. (Associated Students of Skyline College) office located on the third floor of building 2.