Dick and Jane bring the fun to theaters


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Normally, when you are feeling down spending money on yourself can make you feel better; but what about stealing money? Why not find out how it makes Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni feel in their movie, “Fun with Dick & Jane,” a remake of the 1977 version which starred George Segal and Jane Fonda.

Carrey plays a man by the name of Dick Harper, a corporate businessman who is doing very well for himself. One day, he finds out from the higher-ups at his company that he is being promoted to V.P. of communications. This is obviously very exciting to him and his wife, Jane (played by, who else, Tea Leoni). Dick is so happy, he convinces Jane to quit her job as a travel agent, since they both are going to be rolling in the dough, thanks to Dick’s new job.

But as things turn out, Dick gets tricked, and it so happens that the company has no money and the CEO (played by Alec Baldwin) has abandoned the company. Now bankrupt, miserable, and tired of playing the fool, Dick decides to do the one thing he can think of to keep his wife and son Billy (played by Aaron Michael Drozin) in their house: steal from other people.

It’s at this point in the film that the laughs really take off. Jim Carrey is once again at his best, mixing in physical comedy with regular comedic acting. Tea Leoni is also wonderful in this film, as is Alec Baldwin. The plot twists and turns throughout the film, which also has a great ending that (obviously) won’t be revealed here.

The hilarity keeps on coming in every scene, and doesn’t let up once, even when something serious is happening. I can’t really say enough about how funny this movie is, so instead, why don’t you go and see for yourself?

Or you could just take my word for it, not see the movie, and be envious of all of your friends who DID go to see it. The choice is up to you.