SMCCCD receives $468 million bond

The San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) benefited greatly on Nov. 8 when Bond Measure A passed, allotting $468 million.

“I’m very pleased that it passed,” said Dr. Victoria Morrow. Indicating that while the previous bond measure allotted to the district gave them the money they needed for the construction of the new buildings, this new money will help out with various other projects such as refurbishing.

“I was not the least bit surprised,” said Richard Holober, recently re-elected SMCCD board of trustee, in regard to the bond’s passing. “It confirms that the voters in San Mateo County support our community colleges, they like what we’re doing and they’re willing to dig a couple bucks out of their wallet to allow us to upgrade our facilities.” Holober said indicating that their initial research that the support would be at the exact level.

Jack Hickey, Chair of the Libertarian party ran for a board of trustee for his third time. Opponent of the bond, Hickey says he doesn’t believe the campuses need to be used for the community to congregate

“It’s clear that the people who benefit from the bond aren’t the taxpayers.” Hickey said.

Holober was just re-elected to serve another term on the board of trustees for (SMCCD), Helen Hausman was also re-elected to serve on the board.

Holober says that the board will be meeting to discuss about the stage of renovation and construction at a board retreat in the beginning of January and that they already have a good bond project list.

Holober says that when they asked for the bond back in 2001 Bond Measure C, they knew their needs were greater than they were requesting from the voters. Due to the fact that the buildings were so old they knew they were in dire need for the money for renovations.