Fashion View:

Yes, it’s so true, the 1980s did make a huge comeback in the 2000s. But thank God those awful trucker hats and Members Only jackets are a thing of the past, once again. So why did the 80’s come back in a huge way? Possibly it’s our generation paying homage to the bright shocking colors, the old Adidas track suit, and those beat up Converse. Whatever it may be, the 2000s embraced the things of the past and merged future styles with classic fits.

The marriage between the two is undeniable and became an instant hit. However, the one article of clothing that we’re going to talk about is a classic in its own right: The oh so retro, oh so fresh, polo shirt.

Possibly one of the few pieces of clothing that has survived more than 20 years of wear and tear is the polo shirt. Made popular in the 1980s, the polo shirt signature look is the collar. Usually sported “popped”, in which the collar is pulled up, the polo shirt was made popular by yuppies and preps alike in the 1980s. Numerous brands emerged and rode the polo wagon including Polo, Lacoste, Le Tigre, and let’s not forget the retro Penguin.

All these brands played a low role in the 1990s where polo shirts were only acceptable in the golf club or those semi-casual evenings. Today however, you find polo shirts with different color waves carrying all sorts of brands. But that same polo look is still kept consistent. Again, numerous brands emerged and not only attracted preps this time around.

The polo shirt today is much different than those of the past. Although it has been quite consistent and held the same great shape that we all know and love, the polo shirt has attracted all different groups. With numerous brands putting their signature label in front of the polo shirt, most groups find it okay to sport out this classic look.

With great celebrities like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and the group Weezer to name a few, sport out these great looks, no wonder America’s teenagers and young adults are flocking to get their own piece of this fashion necessity.

A normal polo shirt may cost less than $20 however a higher end shirt could run for more than $100 depending on the brand and design it carries. Lucky for you, most polo shirts run in the middle so you can still get a great variety of this traditional (or not) look.

So take your own spin with this shirt. No matter the look, no matter the brand, you will in fact look pretty spiffy in your own polo shirt. Look around campus; it’s still the in thing to do. So go out there and polo out.