Enuff Said:

Recently, the big news in Hip Hop is the fact that Jay-Z [Shawn Carter] and Nas have made amends after their near decade long dispute. Nas, along with The Lox [Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P.], Beanie Siegel, Freeway, Sauce Money, Diddy, and a few others. What does this mean? It means that two grown men can put aside their differences for the good of not only their pockets, but for hip-hop music as a whole.

With the likes of Beanie Siegel, Nas, The Lox and Diddy; Jay-Z the artist, and Shawn Carter the CEO now has heavy artillery against the likes of rappers Jim Jones, The Game, Cam’Ron, and 50 Cent. But that is not why I bring up this historic event in hip-hop.

If these two grown men can make amends after some of the things they’ve said to each other, things too profane to repeat in this column, why can’t people like you and me? Come on now, everyone has someone they were once friends with and now supposedly hate their guts. Believe me, I have several but that doesn’t make it right. Life is so short; don’t live with regret or hate. Because one day, when you want to say you’re sorry, it may be too late. I’ve experienced this, and believe me, it’s a horrible feeling.

Basically, what I’ve learned from this is that life is too short. Don’t live a lie, don’t hate people because it’s cool, or because you feel they did you wrong. Believe me; I know there are some people you just can’t forgive, but the people that you are able to forgive; forgive them. If a friendship doesn’t come out of it, so be it. But it’s better to live life knowing that you gave it a chance, than to always wonder what would’ve or could’ve happened.

This week, my readers all have a homework assignment. I want you all to go out and apologize to someone or try to make amends with someone you know. I understand that you may not be able to because some people just cannot be forgiven. But I know everybody on this earth, has at least one person they can make amends with, one person they can forgive. If you were the one hurt, then ask for an apology, in the nicest of ways of course. Be civil with other human beings, it’ll seriously make you a better person. In the long run, you’ll thank me, as I have thanked Jay-Z and Nas. Enuff Said.