Book of the Week

In times of change and strife, many people look for alternative directions to live their lives. Some people invest in something secure, like a car or a house. Others choose to devote their time to charity. Still, others choose to completely lose themselves and follow a life of simple anarchism. In the book Days of War, Nights of Love, you can find many of the simple ways to live a life of anarchism.

Days of War, Nights of Love is a book composed and published by the Crimeth Inc. Workers’ Collective. It is divided into three main sections; One – a short history of the Crimeth Inc. Collective (which is scattered throughout the other chapters), Two – important documents: a Contra-dictionary (which is comprised of an alphabetical list of terms and theories to help you understand anarchism a little better), and lastly – the conclusion.

Near the end of each chapter, short histories appear consisting of a summary of some historical event where anarchy surfaced its aged face. From the Paris Commune to Rock ‘n’ Roll to a little prank involving hundreds of fake free tickets to the premiere of “Natural Born Killers”.

The second section is split up into 14 chapters, which are all based on terms associated with anarchist philosophy, arranged in alphabetical order like an encyclopedia (i.e. A is for Anarchy, B is for Bourgeoisie, H is for History, Hygiene, & Hypocrisy, and ending with W is for Work). Each chapter discusses these terms and how you can apply them to living a truly free life. The chapters are all very well written and accompanied by sidebars and cartoons to help you understand the sometimes dry commentary, which can be rather humorous and entertaining.

The conclusion simply states the quote, “Where do you want to go, my heart?” “Anywhere-anywhere, out of this world.”

The Crimeth Inc. Workers’ Collective is a collection of individuals with revolution in their hearts. They are writers, poets, artists, philosophers, and laborers- but most of all- they are dreamers. If you might find that your are interested in learning information on this collective, please check out for more books, theories, or anarchist organizations.