Construction continues at Skyline College

Here at Skyline College things are moving in an upward direction, construction- wise.

The foundations for the new buildings 6 and 7a, which will act as the student services and science annex buildings (respectively), either have or are being set and concrete is now being poured for the first floor of building 6.

Tina Wells, Project Manager of Hensel Phelps (the company responsible for the construction) says they hope to start setting structural field by the end of September and she says that it will make a visible difference.

“I think once people see steel getting put up that will show [them] that we actually are doing something,” she said.

Well’s mentioned that some people were concerned in regard to nothing getting done previously

“That’s because we we’re waiting for approval, now we’re moving and there’s something new everyday” she said.

In the process of construction, challenges come up daily, weather can affect how fast production can get done as well as other issues that arise. One such issue was that of a spring Hensel Phelps discovered erupting from a hill on building 7a.

According to Wells, Hensel Phelps is a very safety minded company, but she says the fence around construction is there for a reason.

“We want people to stay on the other side of the fence,” she said adding that when they receive deliveries they have to leave the gates open and don’t want students walking into the open gates.

“If they stay on the other side of the fence there are no safety concern,” she said.

The final completion date for the buildings is set for January 2007, but Wells says that there are 3 milestones they need to reach in the process: building 6, building 7 and the all around site work.

Building 6, the student service building, will be two stories tall. It will feature a bookstore, the student activities office, and conference rooms on the second floor. Building 6 will also feature a dining hall that will look out over the quad. Wells says that this building will look different compared to the other buildings with a lot of radiuses and glass, as well as a lot of color on the interior.

“The student service building is really designed to be a focal point on campus,” Well’s said. “It will have more color, [and will be] more attention grabbing.”

Building 7a will be 3 stories and will generally contain more science labs and class rooms.

Owen Olson Superintendent of Hensel Phelps spoke on the progress of construction, “If you can start in the fall [and take note] of how the site looks, try to remember what it looked like. If everything goes well here, it won’t be finished, but you won’t be able to see across campus.”

Doug Henry, Construction manager of Swinerton Company was unable to comment on construction due to recent surgery.