Runoff election rapidly approaches

Your candidates Taylor Angel and Melchie Cabrigas (Courtesy of Jerry Peel)

Your candidates Taylor Angel and Melchie Cabrigas (Courtesy of Jerry Peel)

It’s the start of a new semester and while some students are returning to Skyline College after attending school here for several semesters, other students are here for their first time. Among all the other issues Skyline students need to deal with in finding their classes and getting settled, they should also be aware of a presidential run-off election being held on September 6 and 7.

Melchie Cabrigas and Taylor Angel were among 3 candidates running for Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) president last spring.The election was close, none of the candidates running received more than 50 percent of the votes. Cabrigas and Angel won the most votes so a run off election between them was held off until the fall.

According to Amory Cariadus, adviser to the ASSC, the election was put off due to constitutional rules and the complications of holding elections during finals. The constitution states that the student body has to be informed 2 weeks prior to any election.

“With the timing of the election this spring and the finals week, the people involved in the election board decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to hold the final election during finals week,” Cariadus said, adding that the new council wanted to make sure there was enough time for the candidates to get the word out to students, allowing them the chance to get to know who they were voting for.

For “Welcome Back Week,” ASSC planned and put on a serious of events to welcome new students to the college, informing them who their presidential candidates are. For the first 2 days of school ASSC set up tables on the quad and handed out coffee, donuts and academic planners. On Friday, August 19 ASSC hosted a barbeque behind building 2. The barbeque featured such activities as jousting and listening to the music provided by the student government. Cabrigas read her speech to a crowd that was feasting over hotdogs and potato chips. Angel reported that he was busy with his classes during the time of the barbeque and was therefore unable to read his speech.

Students hanging around after Melchie’s speech sat around, seemingly content on munching on the leftover food. Skyline student, Abraham Perez, said that he doesn’t really care about the student government and claimed to be more interested in sports.

“I’ll vote,” Skyline student, Gustaro Monteiro said. But like Perez, Gustaro also said to be more interested in sports than Skyline’s student government.

Kevin Hall fellow Skyline student who was also near to the barbeque following the conclusion of Melchie’s speech, said that he wasn’t really too interested in the student government because he didn’t really see how it related to him.

“I’m just going to be here for this semester and the next, and as far as I can tell nothing needs to be done better,” Hall said.

In Cabrigas’ speech she mentioned the need for students to reach out and take charge of their education, but also to take advantage of the help that exists at Skyline.

“As a student, striving to balance a schedule with church, family, and school is imperative,” she said at the August 19 barbeque. “Understanding where we need help is important in our campus life.” Cabrigas also encouraged students to have good communication with their teachers and to always ask for assistance when they need it.

Angel has similar ideas on helping students excel in their studies

“If elected president, I plan to work on implementing a new orientation system in order to assist incoming and current students” Angel wrote in the speech he prepared. Angel also wrote that he would like to work on issues such as parking accessibility and on getting the cafeteria to sell better food.

Peter Monrroy, vice president and interim president of ASSC says he feels there was enough support given through the activites put on through the student government but also says that the candidates probably should of put themselves out there a bit more.

Monrroy is looking forward to the elections

“I just hope the best person wins”